If you have been a full time real estate professional in Arizona, or any other state, for at least three years, you can take the next step up and become a broker!

Getting your broker’s license in Arizona is very similar to getting a real estate license. It requires 90 hours of classroom education, verifying your experience and passing the exam. You can get all the details at Raise The Bar School … and more.

When you’re a student at the school, your instructor becomes a counselor for your career path, a sounding board for operational concerns and a supporter of your success in every respect. After all, a real estate profession at any level isn’t just about making money. It’s about making a difference.

A career in this industry is about listening and understanding what people need and want and helping them make the biggest investment in their lives. To be successful in real estate, one has to be prepared to answer questions, find resources with answers, know how to negotiate and to be patient. The educators at Raise The Bar school don’t just know this, they live it. They bring the wisdom of their experience to the classroom and into students’ lives for their benefit and that of their community.

Undoubtedly, some skills are learned; but some come from experience, understanding and expanding yourself and it all begins with where you choose to get your license. It’s no wonder why Raise The Bar School is the top choice for real estate education in Arizona. The environment, instructors and support system are dedicated and designed to get you to where you want to be.


Keep an eye on our broker school calendar
for the next class coming in February 2018!


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