In a recently published bulletin from the Arizona Department of Real Estate, local broker John Foltz interprets some of the values of the principles that America is built upon–including the right to own private property–and the calling of those who take on the noble responsibilities of the real estate profession. Read on!




A contribution from John Foltz to the
Arizona Department of Real Estate Bulletin.




“I pledge allegiance to the flag …
… and to the republic for which it stands …
… with liberty and justice for all.”

Whenever I say the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the Star-Spangled Banner, I feel the emotion of pride for this country. I will bet you do, too! Our emotion and pride is based on a sense of liberty and freedom for ourselves, our families and for those we love. There is also a huge sense [of] appreciation for those who have gone before us to protect our country.

One of the greatest values we have is the right to own private property. Ask any immigrant, from almost anywhere in the world, and they will tell you how exciting it is for them to actually own there own home.

As real estate professionals, we have the unique honor and responsibility of helping the American family buy and sell the property in which that family lives, works or holds investments.

A study by the National Association of REALTORS® has shown [… more …]



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